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Wrap Around Labelling

Wrap Around Labelling


Wrap Around Labelling Machine


Technical Specifications

Speed 100/200/300 BPM
Label Length 8 to 300mm.
Label Height 95/125/225/(std.)
above 225mm (optional)
Dispenser Moter Stepper/Servo
Stop Tolerance +/- 0.5 to 0.75mm (servo)
(Accuracy on dispenser) 0.75 to 1.00mm (stepper)
Roll Dia 350mm std. & 550mm (optional)


This model is used for Full / Partial Wrap Around Labelling on different size of round and other shape of containers. The unique feature of this machine is 'No change parts required for different dia. of containers' hence the down time is very less for change over.

The machine operates at the speed of 100 - 200 - 300 containers/min. (depending upon the label length). Separate drives for conveyor, wrap around and space creator is useful for precise labelling in case of multiproduct with different label size. For dedicated product line, single POT speed synchronization is also available.

For wrap around labelling on rectangular & other shape of bottles /jars, various types of Rotary labellers are offered depending upon output capacity required.



Power Supply 220/240 V AC, 50 Hz, Single Phase (Stabilized, Through 1 KVA CVT= Constant Voltage Transformer) (In client scope)


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Dimensions are approx only.
maharshi reserves the right to chnage the specifications without prior notice.