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Technical Specifications

Product to be packed Bottles/Cartons
Speed Up to 5 - 15 Pack/Min. (Depending up on Product Size & Operator efficiency )
Max. Pack Size. (L x W x H) 300 X 400 X 250 mm Ht.

Machine Specifications

Over all Measurements (L x W x H) 2800x1100x1600mm (Approx.)


Machine is suitable to different matrix and shrink wrapping of your shipper box/pack size. Machine Speed is 5 to 15 packs/minute depends on pack size and operator efficiency. Pack has to be loaded manually by operator on loading platform. The machine consisting of mainly three sections.

  • Loading Platform with Pneumatic Pusher
  • Film Wrapping / Sealing Station.
  • Electric Heating Shrink Tunnel.

The Basic Machine Consists of :

  • In-feed conveyor driven by 0.5 HP, 100 RPM, 440V, 3phase geared motor
  • Adjustable collating station to collate the coming from in-feed conveyor to the required configuration.(with 2 nos of 0.25hp film feed motor).
  • Wrapping & sealing stations to wrap and seal the multi-pack on front side.
  • Shrink Tunnel for appropriate shrinking from all the sides of collated bundles.
  • Electrical panel board fully pre-wired with individual temperature controller for the heater.
  • Shrink tunnel Conveyor motor 0.5 hp,

Machine is completely covered with S.S-304 and acrylic door for the safety of operator.


Power Supply 415 V (+/-6V) Three Phase with Neutral to Shrink tunnel & From Shrink Tunnel to Wrapping Machine

Graphical images



Dimensions are approx only.
maharshi reserves the right to chnage the specifications without prior notice.