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Automatic Tunnel Type Vial / Bottle Washing M/C.


Automatic Tunnel Type Vial Bottle Washing Machine

This machine is used for washing vials and bottles with the help of different types of water & hot air. This is most commonly used model in pharmaceutical, food & beverage, distillery and many other industries.

  • The vials / bottles are fed thru S.S. wire mesh conveyor.
  • Vials are put into buckets in inverted position.
  • The row of vials keeps on moving intermittently for individual washes as per the washing cycles planned.
  • Now, washed containers are again inverted back to upward position and directly put on the conveyor or fed to sterilizing tunnel.
  • The sets of nozzles enter into the vial mouth during the washing operation ensuring penetration of washing media to the core, a perfect washing principle.
  • Water jets starts only during washing operation saves costly water, observing overall economy.
  • The liquid level controller for each tank controls the water jets.
  • Separate tanks for recycled water, DM water and WFI provided for ease of operation.
  • The tanks can be easily removed for cleaning after each shift.
  • Optionally, hydraulic loading platform & backlit inspection tables are provided.



This machine used for filling injectable powder into vials & then half or full bunging. The machine operates with vacuumetric filling principle for precise fill volume accuracy.

  • Sensor and solenoid valve system ensures no vial no fills.
  • Spring loaded Teflon top seal for powder hopper reduces the friction to avoid chance of White particle shading during production.
  • Doctor blade and wiper blade can be adjusted from outside also without disturbing any production, which saves lot of time, powder wastage and chances of area condition disturbance.
  • Each port is numbered for accuracy inspection and for micro settings.
  • Multiple dosing of injectable powder for higher volume.
  • Special clutch devices are provided on vial separator for safety purpose.
  • Vibratory bowl for rubber stoppering unit support to run machine with total claimed speed of machine. Optionally vacuum type bunging is also provided for half bunging for lyophilized vials.
  • Pre and Post gasing unit for Nitrogen or Carbon Dioxide flushing.
  • Speed : Single Head up to 120 vials / min.
    Double Head up to 240 vials / min.



This machine used for sealing vials with the help of Flip Off seal or Tear Off seal of different sizes. Depending on output requirement, the nos. head for the machine is decided e.g. 4, 6, 8 etc.

  • Suitable for various sizes of caps.
  • Available up to 12 head depending up on output requirement.
  • Due to the special safety device on star wheel shaft, it prevents any damage to the working parts in case of jamming or over loading.
  • "No Container, No Cap, No Capping".
  • Perfect synchronization between conveyor and star wheel is achieved by using single motor only.
  • Vibratory / Mechanically oriented cap feeding arrangement can be provided.



Automatic on line Powder vial Inspection machine is used for Visual Inspection of Vials for Proper Filling, Rubber Stoppering & Sealing. The Vials are transferred to the slanted nylon rollers conveyor. Mirror is provide at back of the roller for the inspection of sealing area. Rotating rollers also rotate the vials & person sitting for the inspection checks presence of foreign particles, proper sealing & other defects. Defected vials are manually removed and put into the rejection bin. Two person seat across the inspection table in order to achieve the speed. The inspected vials are again collected on the Turn table for feeding to the lablling system. The speed can be controlled thru VFD.

  • Double track slanted White roller conveyor for proper transfer of vials.
  • Either side mirror in front of operator will make easy visual inspection.
  • Production speed up to 120 vials / min (depending on vials size). Also 240 vials / min with 2 people on either side is possible.
  • Input specification 25 to 40 mm dia. Glass vials & height up to 75 mm.



  • Available in various sizes as per c lient's specific requirement.
  • Also, available Turning type slat c onveyor to be used where space is constraint or special requirement.
  • Slat can be of S.S. or Delrin Slat width can be 2 to 6 as per requirement.
  • Swing action conveyor are specially used in complete lines for connectivity of two machines providing access to the operator of both the side of line.