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Leak Testing Machine For Bottles


This machine is used for washing vials and bottles with the help of different types of water & hot air. This is most commonly used model in pharmaceutical, food & beverage, distillery and many other industries.

  • This machine is used for leak testing of flexible I.V. Fluid bottles.
  • Round / Oval shape bottles are used for checking pin holes left during the FFS process.
  • Specially designed SS / Delrin slat conveyor with pockets / pusherhelps carry the bottles to rotating disk.
  • Basically the bottles are rotated between the squeeze rod and rotating disk with pressure so that the liquid will come out of the bottle.
  • The rotating disk / star wheel is designed with special shape so that it allows bottle to rotate freely without damaging it
  • Round / Oval shape bottles are used for checking pin holes left during the FFS process.
  • Usually the disk is made of Hylem material which is soft in nature.
  • The pressure can be adjusted thru squeeze rod as desired..
  • Suitable for 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml & 1000 ml.
  • Speed up to 100 bottles / min.



  • This is basically a inspection conveyor widely used for inspection of filled and empty bottles.
  • In case of I.V. bottles, every single bottle is inspected manually for quality assurance.
  • Inspection of filled bottles is done for presence of foreign particles and de-formation of bottle.
  • The machine comes with Black and White partition for checking different kind of foreign particles.
  • The machine has SS tubular structure with 3 strands SS / Delrin slat conveyor.
  • The center track is used for inspected bottles, which further goes for labelling..
  • The speed of the machine depends on nos. of booths i.e. nos. of person.



  • This model is suitable for applying sticker labels on top of any type, shape & size of container.
  • Depending upon the size and shape of the container, the conveying arrangement can be designed such as belt or Slat conveyor with pusher.
  • Containers like rigid / flexible IV bottles, boxes, jar lids, cassettes, books & diaries, corrugated boxes, blisters etc. can be labeled on this machine.
  • The machine operates at the speed of 100-200-300 containers/min. (depending upon feeding arrangement).
  • Configuration of the machine can be designed as per specific requirement such as folding the label on 2 / 3 sides etc.
  • The same model is used for FFS Ampoule cassettes for Top & Bottom labelling with special configuration.



  • Available in various sizes : 9 or 12 width and any length.
  • Food grade PVC coated canvass / Nylon sandwich belt (endless) can be available.
  • Widely used in any packing lines in Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Distilleries & Breweries, Pesticides etc.



Fully Automatic Flow Wrap Machine For packing 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml & 1000 ml of IV Fluid Bottle in center seal pouches made of heat sealable laminate. Machine complete with following

  • PLC + Touch HMI
  • PLC type Temperature Control
  • In feed Conveyor
  • Outfeed Conveyor
  • Auto Feeding System
  • Adjustable Former with the help of SERVO
  • No Product -No Operation Sensor
  • SERVO pouch Length adjustment mechanism
  • Speed upto 120 pouches / min.