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High Speed Ampoule / Vial Labelling M/C

High Speed Ampoule Vial Labelling Machine

High Speed Ampoule / Vial Labelling M/C


High Speed Ampoule Vial Labelling Machine





Technical Specifications

Speed 100 to 600 Amp./vials per min.
Label Length 8 to 300mm.
Label Height 95/125/225/(std.) above 225mm (optional)
Dispenser Moter Stepper/Servo
Stop Tolerance +/- 0.5 to 0.75mm (servo)
(Accuracy on dispenser) 0.75 to 1.00mm (stepper)
Roll Dia 350mm std. & 550mm (optional)


FIXONAME-VSC-HS-A/V Model itself indicates the machine identity as a Vertical Small round Container i.e. Ampoule / Vials Labelling machine. For applied Label on body of small thin dia. glass container (Ampoule/Vial) for the Standard Rated Speed up to 300 CPM. It is compatible to handle various sizes of 1 to 10 ml Ampoules & 5 to 10 ml vials & up to 95 mm. label width (Height) with the help of change parts. The Loading and Un-Loading with the help of S.S. loading wire mesh loading Belt and S.S. collection tray.

Industrial PC For Display of Vision System Camera Communication, User and Recipe Management. Having 15.6” Touch Screen, Intel Core i3 @ 1.6 GHz Processor with 4 GB RAM & 500 GB HDD and all other required accessories.

COGNEX' Make on line inspection camera for inspection of print code, correct matter, and proper position of printing. In case of incorrect or illegible prints, machine will be stop or container will be rejected with the help of pneumatic rejection system.

Camera is also suitable 2D Data Matrix code, RSS code, OCV/OCR, Barcode & Pharmacode.

Safety Cabinet With Acrylic Covers & Imported Aluminum Profile With Interlocking. In case of Door open, Machine will be Stop.



Power Supply 220/240 V AC, 50Hz, Single Phase, Stabilized (Through 3 KVA, CVT, or in Client Scope)
Air Supply 4 To 6 Kgs/Cm² Thro' FRL at Constant Pressure for Pneumatic Printer or Rejection System (In Client Scope)


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Dimensions are approx only.
maharshi reserves the right to chnage the specifications without prior notice.