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CMC 180 Automatic Continuous Motion Cartonator Machine

CMC 180 Automatic Continuous Motion Cartonator Machine



Technical Specifications

Carton Length 65mm-180mm
carton width 20 to 75mm
carton Height 14 to 65mm



Length 3900mm
Width 1650mm
Height 1600mm
Net Weight 1500 Kg. (Approx.)
Gross Weight 2200 kg (approx.)
Dimensions 5150 X 2650 X 2110


  • Automatic carton erection.
  • Automatic product feeding.
  • Inbuilt check devices.
  • Machine SS 304 Guards.
  • No Product-No Leaflet-No Carton.
  • No carton Product by-pass.
  • Product overload machine stop.
  • Ejection of empty carton.
  • Designed to handle both reverse & straight carton.


  • Closing of cartons by hot melt adhesive.
  • Tubular cover Aluminium or SS 304
  • Machine interconnections with upstream & downstream machines.
  • Electronic product counter & time totaliser
  • Flame proof construction.
  • Brush insertion-Double pusher system.
  • Automatic leaflet insertion device in carton
  • Automatic online coding options (CIJ/TIJ)
  • Auto feeding of Sachets, Blisters, Pouches Spoons etc can be provided as an option.


Carton should have a board thickness of 280 to 350 gsm and must be pre-folded to 140 Carton must be made as per dimensions given by us.


Power Supply 2.5 KW.
Air Supply 100 LMP air at 2kg/cm2 pressure

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Dimensions are approx only.
maharshi reserves the right to chnage the specifications without prior notice.